Proven Strategies and Expert advice for new mums around healthy eating for toddlers

Join the Fusseat community and together let's ensure your child is growing up with a big appetite for healthy food!

why work with us?

We'll help you teach your little human how to build great habits around healthy eating that last a lifetime.

Amazing Live Content

Struggling for healthy meal inspiration? Then join our weekly live Cook Along. Every week my daughter Amber and I go live on Facebook™ to cook super healthy meals your child will love.  

 Training Programs

Dealing with a fussy eater can be overwhelming. If you're struggling to get your child to try new, healthy foods then the F.E.D. Method™ will give you the tools and confidence to turn your mealtimes around.

One-on-One  Coaching

For those who need support and guidance on how to ensure their child thrives, we have trained nutritionist's waiting to work with you to get your family on the fast-track to great health.

Our Mission

Confidence, Pride, Empowerment

We empower new mums to prepare healthy, home-cooked meals for their demanding toddlers and ensure that they’re able to confidently overcome any challenges they may face at mealtimes as they embrace a healthy lifestyle for their new family. 


As a mother myself, I know how hard it was ensuring my daughter ate a healthy well balanced diet. Even as a trained nutritionist, I had to work hard to overcome many of the challenges a parent faces at mealtimes. 

That’s why I created Fusseat…

A platform dedicated to giving you all the information and support you need around healthy eating for toddlers, and proven tools to help you blossom into motherhood with the confidence and pride knowing that you're giving your child every opportunity to reach their full potential.


Sadly motherhood doesn’t come with a handbook, but Fusseat ensures that you at least have a guide to follow…. 

our approach

To Make Mealtimes Fun Again...

My goals is to help mums really start to understand what’s in the food they are feeding their children, and help them make more informed choices so both mother and child are eating a healthy, well balanced diet that delivers everything needed to flourish. 

I show mum’s how to cook nutritious healthy meals irrespective of their prior cooking experience or time constraints. 

I want to rekindle the desire for mum’s to spend time with their children in the kitchen bonding around the family meal, while demonstrating that eating healthy is something that can be taught from an early age. 

We're building a community that supports mums who want the very best for their children's health and starting a revolution in the UK.

What Other Mum's Are Saying

Billie Skinner

Mum of Bee

Godsend - worth every penny...

Morven and her team have put so much thought into the FED Method. I had a rough ride with my daughter Bee, but all the resources have made a massive difference at mealtimes. 

We're not quite over the fussy eating stage yet, but we're well on our way, and I know Bee is eating a healthy, well-balanced diet thanks to Morven.

Nicole Davie

Mum of Ruby

Simple and easy to follow guidance that works!

I've never been great in the kitchen, but I made a promise that I would try and cook healthy meals for Ruby. 

The cookbook and meal planner have been an absolute lifesaver!

Knowing what to cook and when has removed so much stress from mealtimes... and I love the fact the all the meals are super healthy.

Stephanie Williams

Mum of Baley

Great for building  Baley's confidence with new food 

Great training for any mum who wants to get their child eating healthily. The FED method explained exactly why my little boy wasn't eating... but more importantly, how to deal with it!

The action steps are easy to implement, and really fun for both me and my son. Job well done, Fusseat!

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