About Us

A Place For Solid Advice, Support And Motivation

Fusseat.com is about so much more than just providing a few healthy recipes and videos to watch. 

We empower new mums to prepare healthy, home cooked meals for their demanding toddlers, and to ensure that they’re able to confidently overcome any challenges they may face at meal times as they embrace a healthy lifestyle for their new family. 

I know how difficult it can be because even though I’m a qualified nutritionist, and have a real passion for cooking healthy food, when my daughter Amber arrived, I quickly realised that I had to take into consideration the every changing needs of a developing toddler who has completely different nutritional needs to me. 

Then came the tantrums, the food being thrown over the floor (and up the walls), which is when I realised I had to develop strategies that would help her embrace all these new tastes and textures as I embarked on my own journey into motherhood. 

But despite all the stress, frustration and self doubt, I know it’s all been totally worth it because I know I’m raising my child healthy, strong and free from diseases, which I believe is the most responsible thing I can do to set her up for success in her life. 

So that’s why I created fusseat!

A platform dedicated to giving new mum’s all the information and support they need around healthy eating for toddlers, and to ensure they can blossom into motherhood with confidence and pride knowing that that they’re giving their child every opportunity to reach their full potential, because they have put in place the foundations of a healthy, balanced diet. 

Sadly motherhood doesn’t come with a handbook, but Fusseat ensures that you at least have a guide to follow….

Ready To Overcome Fussy Eating & Unleash Your Childs Full Potential?